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Technical specifications


Very solid iron frame allows to carry weight till 140 kg. In this situation we are ready to improve also other parts of the vehicle as spikes, forks and saddle spring.


Li-ion battery pack 36 V with standard capacity 23,2 Ah and 500 cycles lifetime with external 5 A charger. Charging time to full battery capacity is app. 3 hours. Battery pack allows you to ride more than 100 kilometres, but need to respect the total weight, the terrain profile and biker’s assistance.


Mid drive electric engine EV BIKE with 250 watts and restricted maximal speed of 25 kph. Weight 3,7 kg, torque 50 – 80 Nm and less then 55 dB of noise.


Magura MT5E special breaks system for electric bikes. Four pistons 203 mm disc breaks with high stability.

Front Suspension

The Marzocchi 26” fork with coal spring allows to ride over and around “urban obstacles”. Travel 100 mm, weight 2690 g.

Rear Suspension

The mechanical single steel spring fastened directly to the frame. The parameters of the spring are adjusted according to the weight of the cyclist.


Comfortable soft leather saddle. Distance is regulated by moving the entire saddle over the rear suspension steel spring.


Front and rear automatic bicycle LED lights operating independently on the battery pack by dynamo inside front wheel.

Storage Tank

The lockable box also contains a general switch of the whole machine. The inner leather padding allows you to safely carry wallet, phone and other personal things. The approximate usable size of the box is: width 50 cm, height 10 cm, depth 15 cm.

Gear Hub

Internal 3-Speed gear inside rear hub with gear ratio of 177 pct. Gear is 1400 g weight and designed for heavy duty use.

Controls on the left hands

Front brake lever, thumb throttle, engine switch, display.

Controls on the right hands

Rear break lever, gear shifter, bell.

Cargo rack

Cargo rack


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